Geez, I'm feeling tiiiired. It's 5:00am morning of the flight back to London...flight leaves at 8:30am. At least we'll arrive back on the same day so hopefully not too much jet-lag. It'll be a while since i write again...i think I'll be zonked.


[pow wow]

nö’ganyá’göh - that means "beaver" in Seneca. I learnt that today at the Six Nations of the Grand River Indian Reserve pow wow. There was loads of dancing and each time a new group entered the arena, the MC asked that everyone "welcome our grandaughters" (or grandsons). It felt like we were all included in "their" history and tradition. At first I was nervous that I'd be just another "white" person watching another culture perform...but it was a very comfortable, welcoming, and educational environment. The best bit was seeing some of the vendors selling designer clothing: "Native Pride." Fantastic! We tried "fry bread and salt pork," nice and similar to a bacon buttie. :)


[cave exploration]

To everyone it would be a hummock, maybe, just maybe, a hill. But to Canadians it's a "mountain"! Ha. That's where we were today...
Blue Mountain. You know what, it wasn't blue either!But, there were loads of caves. My favorite was "Natural Refrigerator."In our 40 degree burning sun, it was the only place where I got the shivers!Amazing that somewhere outside, open to the heat, was able to remain so chilly. After our four hour hike Ijumped like a crazy person on Ontario's longest suspension bridge (126M)!It was fun to scare Steve and Kalyna and Chuck! Ah, all in a day's work! Then we battled it out on the mini-golf course. Your's truly won...even with a broken back (I blame it on the painting!)


[the big smoke]

Ok. Today we venture into downtown Toronto. Stifling, muggy, heavy, heat. And it's only 35C degrees...will go to 43C with humidex this aft. Great. Ah. GO train. Clean, air conditioned and, wait...yes: it's a HAPPY train driver!! Isn't that nice? He's kindly reminding us to take our belongings with us, keep our feet off seats (not that Canadians need reminding!), and oh yes, enjoy the view of vast fields as we fly past. Ah, Canadians.


[surprise birthday bbq]

It's Steve's surprise birthday today! I've decorated the backgarden and the pool is looking crystal clear...now, only if it'll stay that way. We've got our local South African butcher to come and grill up some of his fantastic lamb kebabs, burgers, and boerewors. We've got 27 people over including my OAC (just like British A-Levels) biology teacher!!! She's a hoot! Way to go SUE!!


[Steve the birthday boy]

Happy Birthday to Steve. He and I are both feeling festive.

I'm taking him to Mandarin...yum, all you can eat crab!!! Tasty.



Exhausted. Painting. All week. At least ancient and tiny bathroom now looks fresh and bright. Oy Vey! I should have taken before and after pics...you'd wouldn't have believed it.